You’ve Found ‘The One’? Here Are 7 Creative Ideas For Online Dating Proposals

Browsing through your online dating app, swiping left and right, suddenly you see an interesting profile, you swipe right, it is a match! you start talking and don’t stop. Days go by, you realise that you like them and it is kind of evidence that they like you too. What now? How to go about the next step? How do you ask them out? It’s a frightening, nerve-wracking experience. Also, to top it all off, nobody has at any point given us any genuine direction regarding the matter. It’s not like anyone at any point sat us down in school and gave us a bit by bit guide to dating, the same way they taught us English or maths. Don’t fret, LoveBuzz the best online dating app in India, is here to help! 

1. A cute date

A beautiful place and the person you like, what a wonderful combination. An adorable little picnic date or a fancy dinner would do your work just fine. Pop the question. Be calm and collected, and go straight to the point. Don’t go in circles, and let them know how you feel about them and what exactly you’re thinking. Mean what you say and prove to them that you genuinely care about them. Remember the saying “actions speak louder than words” 

Make your significant other feel special. If you make the effort in advance to devise out the instant of asking them to be your partner, there are lots of lovely approaches to ask someone out as your s/o (significant other) Be careful, if the person you like doesn’t like a certain thing, then using that particular method may give out the wrong message that you don’t know them and it may make them uncomfortable. So know their preferences and likes. Create the best ambience for them before you ask the essential question. Make them feel special and adored.

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Technology saves the day (& your date)

If meeting face to face is not an option, don’t worry! No matter the distance, technology makes it possible to stay connected. Online dating apps, video calls, messages, etc.

2. A playlist 

Music is a beautiful form of expression, there are songs that are deep and describe exactly what you feel. When words fall short, say it with a song. 

Create a personalised playlist to convey your love. Add songs from your favourite album, singer. This is a very thoughtful and priceless gift that your partner can cherish forever. You can write personalised messages, give your playlist a perfect title and even add a cute cover photo. A modern twist to a retro mixtape idea. Allow the music to the magic and tug at their heartstrings. 

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3. Video or audio messages

If the option of face to face meeting is not possible, opt for something to make your presence felt.

Say it on a video call or send them an adorable video and tell them how you feel. You can add some cheesy-but-cute pickup lines. 

In case you’re miles away but need to see their face when you pop the question, plan a virtual date. Make it fancy by asking them to dress up for the date. You can play little games, eat or watch a movie together. 

If you can’t video call due to an inflexible schedule, record a message, you can read a poem or sing a song to express how you feel. 

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4. Be a little Old School 

Go the old school way and write them a mesmerising love letter. Pen down your feelings and pop the question. Love letters are authentic and a lovely way to express how you feel. Spray your favorite perfume to make it more special. Love letters never go out of style. Handwritten letters are so beautiful and delicate, they will definitely do the magic. You can preserve them, keep them safe and read them again and again. Digital messages do not give the same effect. 

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5. Flowers and Food

Charming flowers and a box of chocolate? Sounds just about right. You can send them their favorite food with a pretty bouquet. Make them feel special and loved. If they don’t like flowers, you can send a cake with a little message straight to their house. Basically, anything that says ”I LIKE YOU”!! 

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6. GIFT them your love

Personalised gifts are THE trend right now. Send them a dainty little engraved locket with your picture inside, a charm couple matching bracelet to convey that they complete you. A mug with a message to remind them of you when they wake up and have their morning coffee. A promise ring. A little juke-box with their favorite songs. The list is endless. These gifts are cherished and loved forever. You can write your messages on the gift. Spoil them with your well thought out (love & affection) gifts.  A little bribe does not hurt, right?

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7. Hidden messages in a scrapbook

These old school ideas never go out of style. You can make a scrapbook, attach images, little things that you know they’ll like and write cute messages. But here’s the actual trick. The thought is that you hide the message by spelling it with the first letter of different messages. It’s a fun and interesting task to attempt. You can give hints at the back so that it doesn’t go unnoticed. Well here are your 7 ways to help you pop the question on an online dating app.  

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Online free dating apps can be an amazing platform to meet and connect with new people. Dating during a pandemic can be hard, but not impossible. We’re all in a challenging time, go out of your way to make your partner feel special. A little extra effort, a little extra time can never go wrong. Show them that they are never alone and they always  have your support and love. 

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