Online Dating Tips: 7 Tips to Select Your Profile Picture

As a girl, you would be choosing a picture from an ocean of options, but couldn’t decide what would click. 

Boys are debating whether to choose a picture of a dog or a shirtless photo in the gym for dating sites for singles. Those of you with shy dispositions, find it difficult to locate a picture that is taken from a distance, without a clear face! Isn’t that right?

There’s a high probability that we don’t have the right picture for our dating profile on our phone, just waiting to be used… Or do we?

Due to the rapid swiping to locate dates online on the best dating app, you have a much shorter period of time to make a good impression, mere seconds to grab someone’s attention. Due to this reason, choosing what images to include in your best free online dating sites profile should be a thoughtful process.

Before we delve into the mechanics of online dating’s most successful picture, know this — A big no to Duckface selfies, pouts, heart filters and shirtless gym pics. You won’t win any matches on the good online dating apps with it. 

So a big no to – 

Because not everyone can pull off the expression like him
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Here are your long-awaited magic tricks! A survey was conducted to see which display picture on the Lovebuzz best online video call dating app gets the most swipes. Based on an online survey, here are our suggestions on how to pick a profile picture:

1. Avoid Only Selfies

To our surprise, natural images/ portraits got a better response! In the world of front cameras, you probably think that only you are able to take the best photos of yourself. Even if it’s true, it’s weird when every photo of yours is a close-up image taken with an extended hand. I think it’s more of a face to display makeup expertise! 

Perhaps, it also makes you appear a self-obsessed person with no friends. So, first thing first, while looking for pictures, look for portraits and naturals.

How many are too many?
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2. Candids and Natural self never fails!

A picture of you in your natural environment, for example, taking pictures while eating ice cream, sipping much-loved coffee or playing with a dog, has a better chance of being noticed than your modeling portfolio. In fact, you can take a picture while showcasing your hobbies like photography or enjoying a book. People are looking for authentic dates with a well-rounded life, so make sure you show them who you really are!

Boy can also do so, by maybe just putting a picture in your favourite jersey, which talks about your love for sports! A picture of you in your natural habitat is never boring! In fact, people admire that and it speaks volumes about your personality without having to say a word. 

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3. Be Goofy – It’s Okay

You can post a picture of you with your friends in your natural form or dancing in the rain. A picture from your childhood or even a sunkissed picture of you lazing around speaks volumes and adds to the curiosity. The ratio should, however, be 5:1. 

There should be a minimum of four clear photos of your actual self in every silly/group photo!

4. Use Photos That Looks Like You, Not Like a Bot or Doll!

Making your picture too blurred, filtered, and perfectly posed makes you appear fake instead. In girls, putting 10 layers of filtration or editing makeup is a more common habit. However, according to our survey, most boys say there is a definite difference between an original picture and a retouched one! This makes the profile appear both fake and wannabe.

Additionally, it is a common habit of people to post a year-old picture, which might open a few temporary doors. You might end up in a bitter place instead. With your dishonesty you are just going to annoy people. Decide instead to select good angles and make a positive difference in the composition instead of skewed images that looks fake.

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5. Smile Does The Trick Always!

Lastly but most importantly, smiles melts everyone’s heart. According to the LoveBuzz survey, smiling in photos increases your chances of being liked by 23 percent. Smiling wholeheartedly makes you look more attractive, so stop hiding your pearly whites!

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What if you don’t want to upload a display picture but rather want to be selected for conversation compatibility? 

You have a place here at Lovebuzz too. You have the chance to make better relationships and find your soulmate by uploading your avatar with Lovebuzz online dating app. This gives you the ability to avoid judgment based solely on looks.

Whether you have a DP or not, let your heart flounder at the Lovebuzz free dating app. Online dating apps India free download – Lovebuzz!

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