Online Dating: 7 Tips to Get past the Awkwardness & Start a Conversation

The talking phase can be a complicated stage. It can be exciting and thrilling, however, let’s face it—they’re likewise somewhat awkward and weird. The objective is to become friends with this individual and possibly discover something extraordinary, a connection. However, imagine a scenario where you have covered all the possible topics and now you’ve run out of things to discuss? I mean, it’s bound to happen on these online free dating apps right? Well good news, it doesn’t have to be this way! Say Goodbye to awkwardness, LoveBuzz the best dating app in India is here to save the day (or your date) We’ve come up with seven amazing ideas to spice up boring conversations. They’ll not just help you avoid the dreaded awkwardness but will also increase your chances of getting a second date! *Wink, wink*

1. Talk about your favourites 

Finding similar interests and bonding on things you both like is the key to building a healthy relationship.

With popular online streaming sites like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, YouTube there is definitely a wide range of shows/movies and music available. Talk about your favourite movies, series and music and why you like them. Exchange your favourites and you might find a new comfort movie/ artist/ book/ series in this process. Sometimes people have a backstory as to why they like this particular thing. When you share your story, a connection starts to form and the conversation is no longer awkward, rather it is deep and meaningful. They might end up like your favourite artist or movie and then you can go for a little movie date or a concert date.

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2. Hobbies, hobbies & hobbies

It’s an important aspect of any talking phase, what makes you, you?? The things that drive you, your favourite pastimes and passions. By talking about your passions and your inclinations, you’re letting your date know more about you and vice versa. 

You’ll find out about their hobbies, while additionally measuring how much spare time they really have and how they spend it. 

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Since we’re amidst a pandemic and the world has moved on to online dating apps, talking about food can be a great way to snag a second date. As you’ll be talking about your favourite cuisine or restaurant you can casually slip in the suggestion of going to one of the restaurants. Very smart indeed! 

You can discuss your all-time favourite dishes, the best cafes in town and voila! You have a possibility of a second date!

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4. Bring some humour on

Humour can be an amazing weapon to break the ice and the awkwardness. Depending upon your date’s preference you can send them memes and posts. However, refrain from bombarding them with posts and make sure your idea of humour is not offensive or insensitive. You can also start with a funny yet cute pick-up line. Just make sure they’re interesting, no one really likes used, old and cheesy pick-up lines. 

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5. Your dreams and ambitions 

Talking about your dreams and ambitions can be a great way to build a genuine and meaningful connection. However, not everyone is comfortable talking about them, so build that comfort zone and make sure your date is comfortable before asking these questions. You can talk about where you see yourself in five years, or what motivates you.

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6. Compliments and pictures

Don’t be shy about sliding some compliments here and there. Comfortable, healthy flirting and compliments will make your date feel good which thus, may make them more receptive to your messages. They may compliment you too, this way you can actually know if they’re interested in you or not.

Using your date’s first name in the conversation reiterates your interest which may make them keener on keeping the conversation going with you. It makes the conversation more personal and makes the person feel important. 

Send pictures of what you’re doing. If you’re going out for a walk, pictures of sunsets or something beautiful can be yet another conversation starter. (only if they’re comfortable). Since pictures are filled with tiny details, you can comment or ask about something related to them. You can also get a clear picture (no pun intended) of their lifestyle and their likings. You can ask them about their day and if something out of the ordinary happened or not. Venting out about something makes the connection strong and it also removes awkwardness. 

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7. Opinions and experiences. 

A basic, non-compromising request for an opinion is an incredible method to keep the conversation flowing. This ice breaker rotates around saying something and afterwards requesting input from your date. For example – you can ask their opinion on a certain kind of food combination. Or an opinion on a particular issue/book/movie/show. This will kick things off and give you a more in-depth idea of their personality. 

Since you both are on an online dating site, you may have somewhat similar experiences while using the site. Also, chances are you both live in the same area. You could begin the conversation by asking about their encounters or experiences while using the site. They may even tell you their craziest experience or encounter. If you both live in the same city, you can ask about their favourite local recreational activity. You can tell them yours. 

You can ask them about their pet peeves, this way you can avoid making the same mistakes. 

You can ask them if they have pets, if they’re an animal lover like you, you can bond over animals. You can start the conversation with a cute or funny thing that your pet does. 

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Follow these tips for the best dating app experience. You’ll be ready to talk for hours without losing interest or being awkward. Keep your conversation starters simple and let your questions flow naturally rather than following a script. Just make sure you both are comfortable.

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Follow these tips and enter a no-awkwardness zone.

Happy dating!

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