Love Stories From Dating Apps That Will Put You in the Mood For Virtual Romance

Online dating apps don’t seem to be the means of finding your soulmate, do they?

Well! Ask the love maniacs, who irrespective of lockdown, found the one who can pop their feet off the land with a sweet kiss!

Do you want to know them? Where would they meet, how the story unfolds?

P.S.: The names have been altered for privacy reasons. 

It is our promise, however, that reading their love story will inspire you to believe in the online dating app India and find your soulmate.

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1. It’s the time to kiss-ko?

The story of two neighbours who met on an online dating site. We could not think of a better title or name – Naina and Aman.

Aman stayed in Pune for a job for almost 4 years. He would only make small visits to his home, unaware of the neighbourhood where his parents moved in. 

For the first time during the pandemic, Aman stayed at home for two years. During the time he developed a crush on a girl who lived in the same building. Gradually, he found the girl on the lovebuzz, the best dating app, where their love story began.

With lovebuzz, he found the courage to talk to a girl and propose her, which he could not do in real-time. 

Aman – “A shy boy that I am, I would have never gotten to know Naina if not for LoveBuzz. One and a half years after we began dating, we are actually talking about marriage today! Thanks to Lovebuzz.

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2. Tom & Jerry –

There’s a reason why we named them, ‘Tom & Jerry.’ After a bumpy start, two people fell in love. They soon grew accustomed to their arguments and their disagreement became a source of love.

Jerry – “I always wondered how our compatibility matched on the Lovebuzz. While he sleeps with the dog, I stay a kilometre away. Nevertheless! …I am glad that lovebuzz compatibility was implemented differently. Even though I’m a bookworm and he’s a party animal, he matches right where I want him to. He respects women, loves science, and has a sensible heart.”

Tom – “Her avatar was a wheatish-girl with curly locks and a pair of glasses. In comparison to all the pretty avatars, she seemed the most real. My first words to impress her were cheesy ones. We certainly had a few off, but the competition became more about who would give the last reply. Seeing her disagree over how Delhi (where she hailed from) beats Mumbai (where I hailed from) became the most enjoyable part of the day. It made me laugh! They say love comes in different forms. For me, she was the one. Today, even though we don’t have a lot in common, we admire each other and are always laughing together. She has my heart!”

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3. Isn’t it Romantic?

When they lost hope, their hearts pounded. It was compatibility and conversation, not looks, that attracted them. The story convinces us that movies are based on reality. Our Natalie found Josh! 

I am not a poster girl for much in life and, therefore, have only had bad experiences with online dating sites. As much as I gave up on apps, I gave ‘LOVE BUZZ’ one last try. And it worked! With Avtaar, there was no one to judge, no cheap encounters. By the time I was ready to quit, I had 3 boys buzzing my heart.”

Think of the girl who once doubted herself, now having 3 boys that were raving about her. Josh has certainly won my heart with his sense of humour, our love of movies, and our common profession – digital marketing. Lovebuzz not only gave me a soulmate, but also two good friends.

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4. The ‘Concert’ connection –

We would call this couple Beyonce and Jay Z because of their love of music. Although, our Beyonce claims that Lovebuzz Jay Z reminds her more of Ajay Devgan when he sings. We love them, though!

Jay Z – “She had a ridiculous profile, to be honest. The bond between us was forged by our love for Shawn Mendes, concerts and Formula1. While I wasn’t looking for anything serious, she was all in for love!”

“Like many other girls, she was so straightforward and honest. She never took pride in showing off her best possessions or bragging about how nice she looked. So instead of judging her, I decided to give her a shot. And hey! She had a quick wit and the best eyes I’ve ever seen. Most importantly, she sings beautifully! We have been dating for 3 months now! Nothing serious, but let’s see where it goes!”

Beyonce – “The east meets the west here. To begin with, he is a terrible singer but a good listener. The sleeping beauty refuses to heed his call for tight sleep even when it is loud. Despite this, he is a fun person to be around, full of life. It’s going well between us! Although he made zillions of requests for me to update my Lovebuzz bio, it remained unchanged.” 

These are some of lovebuzz success stories, we will come up with more soon. 

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