How To Succeed At Online Dating: Tips And Advice

We all are secretly looking for someone to match our vibes with, someone who could be a home and a walking renaissance to our inner self. All we need is someone who could stand by us, be our greatest cheerleader and the most honest critique. In today’s time when the whole world is one click away, it’s easier to find our “the one”. With online dating apps, that are built in a manner to you only come across people your type, love is no longer dumb luck. Although online dating can be a little tricky at times. Here are some dating tips for relationships that might help enhance your online dating experience.

Image Credits: The Economic Times

1. Be clear about what you are looking for in a relationship.

One of the major perks of online dating apps is that it enables you to answer certain questions about yourself, through which people can have a rough idea of your personality and what you are like. As long as you are clear and specific about yourself and what you are looking for in a relationship, it will not just save truck loads of time but also prevent you from toxic and failed relationships

2. The first message

This might sound unreal but your first text makes or breaks the situation. One of the most important online dating advice you need to follow is this. The first impression may not be the last but it stays. So make sure your first text is intriguing and gains the interest of the other person. The awkward silence where neither of you know what to say next is a major turn off and lets face it we are not in the nineties dramatic bollywood movies arranged marriage scene.

3. Making an appropriate profile

Now look at it, dating app profile is not your resume so don’t over exaggerate yourself to become a vintage hero, the mask will come off pretty soon. The pictures you use, make sure they are natural, and speak well of your personality, don’t post pictures with an intention to show off. Remember you will attract people on the basis of who you are and not who you wanna be, so be careful about not putting too many filters on your life and jeopardising your chances of getting a match.

 4. Dont work too hard

Last but an important one, unless you want to come off as too desperate and push your potential lover away, do not try too hard to look like the best version of you. No one is perfect and we are all flawed to the core so faking perfection and giving the other person some different idea of who you are will only cause harm. Mark this one with three stars, this is the most important dating advice for relationships. 

Online dating apps have made it much easier for us to find our potential matches from across the world. Now that we are on it let’s make sure we do it right. 

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