Found The One on Online Dating App But Still Unsure If The Feeling is Mutual? Here’s How to Find Out!

Online dating can be fun but SUPER stressful at the same time. Since free online dating sites are a rising pop culture trend, everyone is hopping on the online dating app train. The concept of whether your next match will be a lesson or the love of your life can be nerve-wracking. 

At a point when you feel drawn to somebody, it’s normal to contemplate whether they feel the same way, as well. All things considered, taking an action would be much less unnerving when you know the other person feels the same. While you may never genuinely know how somebody feels except if they say it. You can, however, get a clue. 

How can you say whether somebody is attracted to you? How would you realize you are attracted to them? There are a great deal of physical and verbal signs people make when they are attracted to somebody. They’re regularly unpretentious, and every individual will do it somewhat another way.

How to know if the feeling is mutual? LoveBuzz, the best online dating app in India is here to help you! 


Mirroring is an intriguing response to the person you like. At a point when an individual unknowingly mirrors or copies the activities of someone else. This isn’t something that individuals do deliberately when they like somebody. It occurs without their notice, falling into the routine of the individual they are drawn to. You unconsciously act in the same way, you adopt their ways. 

For example- using their lingos and slang, listening to their playlist, copying the way they talk or laugh without actually intending to do so, developing an interest in the same movie genre. 

You start using their words or start talking or texting like them. It facilitates empathy and indicates that the person is completely engaged and immersed in the conversation. It establishes the fact that the person is similar to you. 

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They would want to talk to you

Constant communication reveals a very crucial point. People want to talk to their crush as much as they can. Most people won’t stay up into the early hours of the morning talking to you if they don’t like you. You’ll notice that they’ll try to find topics to talk about and they won’t let the conversation die. They’ll strive for a genuine connection and may ask you questions about yourself. They would want to make plans with you and see you more often be it IRL or Video calls. You will feel comfortable with them and the conversation will not be awkward, it is a good sign as talking on online free dating apps can be awkward because you’ve not met them IRL.  They won’t just dip and ghost you, if they’re busy, they’ll let you know. They will not leave you hanging. Regardless of how busy they get, they will consistently figure out how to talk to you or react to your messages when you need them. You will feel prioritised and needed. 

When it comes to talking to somebody on online dating apps, we tend to be eager. It is possible that we send a long message or multiple messages. The reality is, we might flood somebody’s inbox the more excited and immerse we become. 

However, if the person likes you, they will pay close attention to your messages. They’ll make sure that they read your numerous texts and answer each and every one. 

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Fast replies

You shouldn’t get too worried about how frequently somebody messages you, however, when you notice that somebody answers your messages immediately, it is a good sign that they’re attracted to you and want to keep the conversation going. 

Fast replies are critical to keeping a relationship going. You don’t have to answer quickly, however, you should answer within 24 hours so that the other person doesn’t lose interest. 

Pro tip for Online free dating sites users : sometimes the person is actually testing you and trying to see if you are interested in them or not! Very complicated. 

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Compliments and Consideration

They often think about what you need to say. They will not brush you off. They will participate in the conversation with you, add to it, react, and be capable and able to go to and fro with you about whatever you are talking about. They will not be occupied or give you one-word answers. 

In the event when you continually keep thinking about whether an individual has feelings for you or not, that actually becomes your answer. At the point when feelings are shared, the message is clear. The relationship should push ahead, not in reverse. 

You feel special. The person will show their adoration and act accordingly. There are diverse approaches to do this, however, the outcome will be something very similar, you will realize they like you.

They like to compliment you and they genuinely mean it. People generally engage in sweet talks with the person they are attracted to. Consistency is the key to building a happy relationship. They will slide a compliment or two and will never forget to ask about your day.

It is very notable that humour is the fundamental quality to one’s heart (well, besides food of course!) If your person is trying to make you laugh, they want to see you happy. They will make you feel good about yourself. 

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Respecting your time and space

A respectful individual is an indication of a good person who you can trust. They will not get irritated or bombard you with texts when you don’t reply, they will respect your personal space and they will respect you in general. 

They will be patient with you and will not rush you into things you are unsure about. Boundaries are important in any relationship. If that person really likes you, they will never make you uncomfortable. 

If they genuinely like you, they will still talk to you even if you want to take things slow. They know their limitations and will not be creepy. 

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Sharing about themselves

If a person is willing to share things about their past or things in general, they are opening themselves to you and leaving themselves vulnerable to your judgement.  

It is a lot harder than it looks. Allow them to open up and provide a comfortable space for them to share. They like you and are comfortable enough to share things with you. 

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These signs won’t be blazing in your face immediately. It requires some investment to foster a solid relationship and for feelings to develop further, however, you will ultimately begin to see the signs of mutual feelings.

If the emotions and feelings are common among both of you, it will become apparent. You will not feel stupid for sending a message or thinking about who calls whom first. 

Take your time and read these signs if you are confused and unsure about their feelings. 

LoveBuzz, the best online dating app in India, is here and happy to help you. 

Happy Dating!

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