Embrace Online Dating With Lovebuzz: Create a Smoother Dating Experience

With people being vaccinated and gradually re-routing to normal life, dating is back! 

In turn, online dating sites are flourishing again, with people meaning to take the online conversation to safe dining meet-ups, indoor drinks or even driveway cafes. We’re ready to hop back on the love train while swiping right!

Having said that, there are various free dating apps that have emerged stronger during the pandemic, adapting new features that allow you to meet people even without ever leaving your home. Are you still having trouble finding a date? Maybe it’s time to switch to LOVEBUZZ!

We’ve rounded up the best reasons to choose Lovebuzz!

No matter what you’re looking for – a compatible match or something more — Lovebuzz is well-equipped to help. You can ease your problems with Lovebuzz, an app developed specifically for India. We studied all the existing Indian and International dating apps and found different problems associated with them. Additionally, we conducted a survey to understand the problems the Indian crowd faces on the best free dating apps.

Contrary to our expectations of privacy concerns, people were more focused on tools that could help them initiate a conversation. They wanted an app that simplifies the process of initiating a conversation without being judged on the basis of a picture. Being rejected because of looks caused self-doubt, according to people. 

So we decided to create the best online free dating app that solves all of the problems and we will continue to tweak it based on user suggestions to give the best possible dating experience.

Conversations Made Easy

New features like wingman and chatroom have put lovebuzz ahead of the competition, making it the online best dating app.

The chatroom feature of Lovebuzz allows you to get past awkward silences.

Do you hesitate to initiate a conversation? Do you google pickup lines to initiate a conversation? Well! You are not alone.

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Say goodbye to awkwardness with Lovebuzz Chat Rooms. It’s a unique feature that you won’t find in any other app, where you start with generic conversations rather than directly moving to private chats. Consider a topic of your choice, start a conversation, see who replies, then move the conversation into private chats with people you feel comfortable with. No compatibility or converging pressure.

To add to the issue of initiating conversation, Lovebuzz has also launched a new feature of a wingman. Sometimes, introverts, nerds, geeks, and shy people lack the words to even begin a conversation. The problem was more prevalent among boys than among girls, according to Lovebuzz survey. 

Lovebuzz’s wingman offers suggestive lines and enticing conversation starters in a private chatbox. In future, the system might also suggest a way for them to respond to the message at hand.

Concerns About Confidentiality!

The second most talked about problem, according to the survey, is privacy concerns. Dating sites is a relatively new concept in India. This is a common trend among late Gen Z and millennials, but the older generation is still trying to get a hand on it. 

When it comes to finding love in the digital age, it’s hard to topple Lovebuzz, a free app designed with Indians’ privacy concerns in mind and specifically designed to meet their dating needs. Always consider privacy before diving into finding the best dating apps for relationships to find the perfect mate. 

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Lovebuzz’s feature Avatar, have resolved major privacy concerns. Lovebuzz allows you to keep your avatar as your display picture until you decide otherwise. This would not only save you from your cousin/ nosy neighbours but also keep creeps from drooling over you! What’s more? It would give you a better chance of finding a soulmate who is actually interested in you rather than creepy catcallers.

Our focus on privacy concerns is not limited to display pictures but also eliminates catfish accounts. Despite the fundamental purpose of an Indian dating app is to meet new people, users’ safety cannot be overlooked. Every profile on lovebuzz is verified. Be rest assured, you know who you’re talking to is genuine. You can enjoy dating, be it virtual or in-person.

Trouble Finding a Perfect Match?

Scrolling through endless bios and trying to find a match for days, are you?

A specific feature of Lovebuzz sets it apart from other apps by providing the most compatible match with a five-question compatibility test. It selects the right partner for you based on adaptive algorithms. All you have to do is answer a few quick questions and it effortlessly finds the perfect match for you.

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Let your heart flutter with the Lovebuzz app. Visit today and enjoy a smoother dating experience!

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