Busting Myth of Online Dating

These days finding love is not an easy task. Corona makes it more difficult to meet people’s lives because of all these lockdowns and social distancing stuff. In recent years most dating has moved online, and this is a whole new world to navigate. 

Online platforms and phone apps have increased the chances for dates. All you need to do is just Swipe for whoever you like. Going to a different state? Swipe. Just broke up? Swipe. Bored on a Friday night? Swipe away. Dating applications are one of the most interesting ways to find love. There are many ​​free online dating sites and online free dating apps in India. But which one should you trust to find the love of your life? The answer is LOVEBUZZ. It is one of the best dating apps that helps you to find the love of your life. Lovebuzz is also an online dating video chat app. 

But every growing thing comes with some myths which need to burst. Here are some common myths about online dating.

1. Everything on that profile is a lie

When you are using an online dating platform most of the time we doubt whether the person we are talking to is real or not. Or what if the other person is cheating on you. But the truth is not everyone lies on these kinds of applications. Many genuine people are looking for their love and may want to get married as well. So the truth is not everyone lies online.

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2. Dating websites are not safe

People think that these dating applications are not safe and you can be cheated and get involved in identity theft or scams. This is not true. All you need to do is be a little smart and think once before doing anything. All you need to do is not trust anyone really fat. Think, judge, and then do whatever you feel like doing.

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3. Online dating is for hookups

There are many people out there who think that people use these online dating applications just for hookups. But this is not true. People join online dating applications for finding someone who can be the party of their life. Some people even want to get married and get settled in life. 

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4. Relationships that start on dating websites don’t last long

According to so many people out there, relationships that got started on dating, applications end in a few months. But, this is not true at all. There are so many successful love stories that got started on lovebuzz itself. Many couples meet on LoveBuzzz and live a happy life. 

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5. Dating websites are only for young people

This is somewhat true because the maximum crowd on dating websites and applications is of young people only. But that doesn’t mean that an old age person or people above 40 cannot use dating applications. There are some dating applications created for older people only. So people of any age group have all the rights to use dating applications and find a match for themselves. 

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6. People who use dating websites have commitment issues

This is not a myth, this is a mindset that is created by so many people. This is not at all true. There are many people out there who give their 100 percent and want their match to be his/her life partner as well. 

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Think and decide what you exactly want out of dating. Don’t rush and listen to your heart and brain. Take your time and please don’t feel pressured to settle for just anyone. Talk about your dating with your friends and family, always let someone know when you are going on a date and who you are going with, and keep exploring you never know who you will meet

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