7 Exclusive Features of Lovebuzz That No Other Online Dating App Offers

Did you ever utter a vow to give up dating & online dating apps altogether because of privacy concerns or people catfishing? You’re absolutely not alone. 

India-centric app Lovebuzz, the famous dating app, was developed to ease your problems. We studied all the existing Indian and International dating apps and found different problems associated with them, so we decided to create one that solves all of the problems and will continue to tweak it based on user suggestions to give the best possible dating experience. It’s one you’ll never regret!

Throughout the world, people are using online dating websites and applications to find love, friends, and romantic partners. Lovebuzz makes meeting new people easy without even leaving the house with its free dating app. Just download the app to your phone, enter your preferences, and you will receive a list of profiles matched to your compatibility. As compared to other dating apps designed for the purpose of meeting in person, the new app, created during lockdowns, was carefully crafted to meet lockdown dating troubles and provide an elaborate dating experience. 

Here are 7 exclusive features of Lovebuzz, the best Indian dating app, that are strictly designed considering people’s problems and suggestions:

1. Avatars

Do you think your neighbour just found you using a dating app and is now spreading the word against you? Oh, snap! Sorry, but our apologies are not sincere. Because our app eliminates this risk. 

The Internet and in-person dating are perfectly fine but are taboo to many Gen X and Baby Boomers. Give them the benefit of the doubt based on their generational differences. However, they won’t allow you the benefit of the doubt when spreading the word through mouth radio or text newspapers? 

Sounds spooky, but is it familiar? One of the best features of Lovebuzz online dating is the ability to turn your image into an avatar! Cool, huh?

Lovebuzz, the best online dating app in India, allows you to keep your avatar as your display picture until you decide otherwise. This would not only save you from your cousin/ nosy neighbours but also keep creeps from drooling over you! What’s more? This would give you a better chance to find a soulmate who is actually interested in you rather than creeps cat-calling.

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2. There Is No Place For Creeps

In spite of the core purpose of a dating app being to meet new people, users’ safety cannot be ignored. Connecting with new people is exciting, but it also stirs fear of who you might be talking to and their intentions.
But every profile on LB is verified, thus eliminating catfish accounts. Be rest assured, you know who you’re talking to is genuine. You can enjoy dating, be it virtual or in-person. Now, you should rather search on how to flirt online dating apps, without worrying about the creeps!

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3. Curated Matches, Just For You

Several online dating websites have a built-in algorithm to identify the who, what, and why of matchmaking. A specific feature of Lovebuzz sets it apart from other apps. A five-question compatibility app!  It selects the right partner for you based on adaptive algorithms. All you have to do is answer a few quick questions. As opposed to scrolling through endless bios and trying to find a match for days, it effortlessly finds the perfect match for you.

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4. Get past awkward silences

Do you get the heebie-jeebies when it comes to starting a conversation one-to-one? Do you google how to date a girl online? Say goodbye to awkwardness with Lovebuzz Chat Rooms! 

A feature that you won’t find in any other app, where you can pick a topic and start a generic conversation in the chatroom. Choose a topic of your choice, start a conversation, see who replies, then take the conversation into a private room with people you feel comfortable with. No compatibility or converging pressure. 

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5. Wingman is here to rescue

Sometimes, introverts, nerds, geeks, and shy people lack the words to even begin a conversation. The problem was more prevalent among boys than among girls, according to Lovebuzz survey. 

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Lovebuzz’s wingman offers suggestive lines and enticing conversations starters. Wingman would suggest to them the beginning lines to start a conversation. The system might also suggest a way for them to respond to the message at hand.

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5. Privacy Concerns? Not a Problem

Lovebuzz focuses on keeping your identity confidential while not compromising on quality. Even if someone offered us a billion dollars, we would not disclose or sell your identity. Our goal isn’t to become a money-hungry app, but to become an exclusive one that has the highest customer satisfaction.

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6. Relationship, Dating tips and More

Lovebuzz, an online free dating app in India, provides you not only with the best dating experience but also with blogs illustrating love stories made on lovebuzz, conversation tips, bio tips, relationship tips, etc. What’s more? These blogs are not only informative but also entertaining to read. When you’re bored and don’t have anyone to chat with, get creative with some blogs and prepare your next chat with our help. The majority of our blog experiences come directly from lovebuzz members. 

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7. Easy to navigate app

Designed for the Indian crowd, Lovebuzz is straightforward and easy to use. Features of the app have been added keeping Indian concerns in mind. 

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In addition to providing a dating platform, the idea was to make you feel comfortable and in control while you utilize it. Own the app while you find your soulmate.

Let your heart flutter with the Lovebuzz app. Not sure where to begin? Download the Indian dating app and first things first, craft a compelling bio, 

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