5 Reasons to Choose the Best Indian Dating Sites

Everyone can find an app that works for them, regardless of whether they’re looking for love or just a quick booty call. 

These days, best free dating sites in India and apps are the way to go with new platforms popping up all the time. India’s online dating trend is growing exponentially, and more and more free dating sites from around the world are coming to the country.

However, how important is it to choose the best Indian dating sites or is it okay to continue on an international platform has always been a debate!

Online Dating sites still count as taboo in India?

As common as the criteria of online dating have become in India among millennials. It is still considered taboo amongst Gen Y and  Gen X while baby boomers have no idea it exists.

Dating sites in India is a relatively new concept, which gained popularity during the lockdown. Many people aren’t sure how to initiate a conversation, how to make a profile or what they can expect when using the best dating sites.

Many people also lose interest in online dating platforms due to a lack of response and complicated interfaces. There are various reasons why people should download an Indian centric app that understands the Indian crowd, privacy concerns and is designed after working on other problems of this nature.

Here are 5 reasons to choose the best Indian dating sites:

1. Privacy concerns

The majority of people do not use dating apps due to privacy concerns, according to a survey. 

First of all, you are afraid of being caught by a noisy neighbour who lives in proximity of finding a date and might spread words against your profile on a dating app. Perhaps you are scared of being caught by a family member or acquaintance who thinks you are too young to use the app during your early twenties.

The Internet and in-person dating are perfectly fine but are taboo to many Gen X and Baby Boomers. You might give them the benefit of doubt considering the generational differences. Sadly, they won’t do the same when spreading words against your character.

Spooky, but is it familiar? One of the best features of Lovebuzz, the best free online dating site in India, is the ability to pick an avatar for an image! This would not only save you from your cousin/ nosy neighbours but also keep creeps from drooling over you! 

What’s more? This would give you a better chance to find a soulmate who is actually interested in you rather than creeps cat-calling.

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2. Easy interface

India-centric app Lovebuzz, best free dating site, was developed to ease your problems. We studied all the existing Indian and International dating apps and found different problems associated with them, so we decided to create one that solves all of the problems and will continue to tweak it based on user suggestions to give the best possible dating experience. It’s one you’ll never regret!

Throughout the world, people are using online dating websites and applications to find love, friends, and romantic partners. Lovebuzz makes meeting new people easy without even leaving the house with its free dating app. Just download the app to your phone, enter your preferences, and you will receive a list of profiles matched to your compatibility. As compared to other best adult dating sites designed for the purpose of meeting in person, the new app, created during lockdowns, was carefully crafted to meet lockdown dating troubles and provide an elaborate dating experience. 

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3. Like-minded people

The key to any online dating sites is initiating a conversation that leads to a meeting in person. You need some common topics to talk about or crack jokes. It is more likely to find a partner on dating platforms with like-minded people.

Even so, we Indians somewhere have a strong Bollywood and Tollywood influence that only like-minded people can relate to. The dialogue – ‘Ja Simran, jee le apni zindagi’ or sharing Rajnikant memes that you both can laugh at. Or celebrate India’s victory at the Olympics or World Cup. Making plans for a Bollywood-style date night.

Speaking with like-minded Indian people also eliminates the barrier of language. Use ‘Arey, nahi, kya haal?’ between English or talking complete Hindi or English would be your choice.

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4. People within the range of connectivity

While there are international and local dating apps, the concept of dating within defined proximity is common. International apps, however, are designed to appeal to a global audience. Indians are relatively new to the concept of online dating.

Indian online dating apps allow you to connect with people within the range of connectivity, which makes it easier for you to take the relationship to in-person meetings.

Many online dating websites have built-in algorithms to identify the who, what, and why of matchmaking. Lovebuzz has a unique feature that sets it apart from other apps. A five-question compatibility test!  It selects the right partner for you based on adaptive algorithms. You only need to answer a few questions. Rather than scrolling through endless bios and trying to find a match for days, it effortlessly finds the right match for you.

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5. Kill the boredom

Last but not least, kill the boredom with an online dating app. Why stay single or weep with your broken heart when you can find a date anywhere, anytime? Sign up for a trustworthy dating app and get started. Swipe, browse bio and start a conversation. Finding a date is just as easy!

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So, what are you waiting for? Download lovebuzz, free online dating sites in India, browse through lakhs of profiles. Not able to initiate a conversation? Take the help of wingman bot or chatrooms and begin your love story!

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