5 Personality Traits Men Look For In A Woman On The Best Dating Apps For Relationships

The best Indian dating apps have redefined the idea of looking for our perfect matchDating these days often creates a confusing stir. Since it involves two people we are quite unsure what the other person looks for when they are out there looking for a relationship. Although it varies vividly from person to person, there are certain things that are the meeting point of all human feelings. Indian dating apps have evolved with a lot of perks. So let’s look at  the traits men look for in a woman on the best dating apps for relationships?

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1. Identity of her own

We live in an era where if you don’t evolve into a better version of yourself with each passing day, you will be trashed. Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” is always valid. A person with dreams, goals, desires and a solid character of their own won’t just be an inspiration to wake up to but will also push you towards your best self. Relationships are not all about sweet nothings, but a personified reason for living. After all, what is a better turn on than a rock solid personality? This is one quality searched on all online dating apps.

2. Honest 

It’s a hard to gulp down the throat fact that people actually look for honesty and when we say honesty we mean brutal honesty. Our generation like every other is a mess but what is making us different from our ancestors is that we don’t settle for being a mess. We are desperate in untangling the jammed up wires of our heads. As much as we need validation we need just one person to make all their validations and criticism honest. One person who won’t sugar coat their words to boast our ego. A genuine critique and a good cheerleader is this too much to ask from the best Indian dating apps?

3. Common elements

They say it is tough finding love on online dating apps. Well let’s see how this philosophy is trash. As much as everyone wants to know the different aspects, people need someone with whom they can discuss their favourite activities recklessly. Most guys appreciate women who are into sports. Online dating  and with free online dating apps it is made sure that your interests can be matched up. Two people like the same genre of fiction, rather than finding your match on the distinct corner of the library you can find it in your home with the best dating apps. Well since we are here, men hate it when women pretend to like something just to have their attention. Own your choices ladies.

4. The one who has good communication skills

Okay here’s the thing, mostly on online dating systems women lay the whole burden of the conversation on me. They answer in one word and show zero interest. Well weren’t you the one who swiped right? Online dating, since it is virtual, should be simpler and fun and not feel like work. Who likes doing the whole work anyway? As much fun it is to watch women playing hard to get, men appreciate women who initiate a conversation and don’t sound like customer care offices. Since you are on the best dating app for free, you too are looking for a relationship right? Put in equal interest and efforts.

5. Clear understanding of what they want

Online dating system makes things super easy and fun. A person with a clear understanding of what they want is way too hotter than a confused wreck. When you are on a dating app, the least that is expected from you is a clear understanding of what you want. If you want someone to give you attention, like tons of it, fair enough. If you want to have a lot of space of your own, fair enough. If you want a guy who would spoil you, fair enough. Know what you want and say that upfront. Men appreciate women who know themselves and their desires. One perk of online dating through dating apps is an ease in finding your perfect match, but that can happen only when you know yourself.

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