Busting Myth of Online Dating

These days finding love is not an easy task. Corona makes it more difficult to meet people’s lives because of all these lockdowns and social distancing stuff. In recent years most dating has moved online, and this is a whole new world to navigate. 

Online platforms and phone apps have increased the chances for dates. All you need to do is just Swipe for whoever you like. Going to a different state? Swipe. Just broke up? Swipe. Bored on a Friday night? Swipe away. Dating applications are one of the most interesting ways to find love. There are many ​​free online dating sites and online free dating apps in India. But which one should you trust to find the love of your life? The answer is LOVEBUZZ. It is one of the best dating apps that helps you to find the love of your life. Lovebuzz is also an online dating video chat app. 

But every growing thing comes with some myths which need to burst. Here are some common myths about online dating.

1. Everything on that profile is a lie

When you are using an online dating platform most of the time we doubt whether the person we are talking to is real or not. Or what if the other person is cheating on you. But the truth is not everyone lies on these kinds of applications. Many genuine people are looking for their love and may want to get married as well. So the truth is not everyone lies online.

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2. Dating websites are not safe

People think that these dating applications are not safe and you can be cheated and get involved in identity theft or scams. This is not true. All you need to do is be a little smart and think once before doing anything. All you need to do is not trust anyone really fat. Think, judge, and then do whatever you feel like doing.

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3. Online dating is for hookups

There are many people out there who think that people use these online dating applications just for hookups. But this is not true. People join online dating applications for finding someone who can be the party of their life. Some people even want to get married and get settled in life. 

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4. Relationships that start on dating websites don’t last long

According to so many people out there, relationships that got started on dating, applications end in a few months. But, this is not true at all. There are so many successful love stories that got started on lovebuzz itself. Many couples meet on LoveBuzzz and live a happy life. 

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5. Dating websites are only for young people

This is somewhat true because the maximum crowd on dating websites and applications is of young people only. But that doesn’t mean that an old age person or people above 40 cannot use dating applications. There are some dating applications created for older people only. So people of any age group have all the rights to use dating applications and find a match for themselves. 

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6. People who use dating websites have commitment issues

This is not a myth, this is a mindset that is created by so many people. This is not at all true. There are many people out there who give their 100 percent and want their match to be his/her life partner as well. 

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Think and decide what you exactly want out of dating. Don’t rush and listen to your heart and brain. Take your time and please don’t feel pressured to settle for just anyone. Talk about your dating with your friends and family, always let someone know when you are going on a date and who you are going with, and keep exploring you never know who you will meet

Step By Step Guide to Use Lovebuzz Online Dating App

Finding your perfect match is not easy nowadays and online dating makes it easier for everyone. Online dating is something that will help you to find the match of your choice. You can explore and find your match according to your choice. There are so many best free online dating app in India where you can find the love of your life. But among all those free online dating apps which one is the best dating application? The answer is Love Buzz. It is one of the best online dating apps. 

LoveBuzz is a platform that has more than 100000 hearts buzzing to find their love of life. LoveBuzz is a serious online dating app that gives you many choices to choose your perfect match. Love Buzz is an application that is easy to use and understand. Love Buzz is a platform that is designed to keep your user experience in mind.

Here is the step by step guide to Use Lovebuzz Online Dating App

Step 1 Visit Lovebuzz.co.in and get the link to download the best online video dating app from the play store or app store or directly go there and search Love Buzz download it and you are ready to explore the journey of finding your love. 

Step 2 – After downloading the application on your phone you will get three options to log in or to sign up for the application. You can either log in using your Gmail account or your Facebook account or using your phone number. You can choose whatever you like and you are ready to use the application. 

Step 3 – The next step is verifying your account. All you need to do is enter the OTP you get on your registered account or phone number. As soon as you do that you will get authenticated by love buzz. Now as soon as you do that you have to create your basic profile

Step 4 – Enter your first name and last name and click the next button. 

Step 5 – The next step after that is setting your gender and then again clicking to the next button.

Step 6 – After selecting your gender you need to enter your birth date and again click to the next button and you will get navigated to the next form. 

Step 7 – On this screen, you need to enter your height in feet and inches and then click on the Next button again. 

Step 8 – Select the city where you live. This will help you to find your partner near you only. 

Step 9 – After selecting your city you need to enter your highest qualification. This will help us to find someone who is of the same profession so that you can get a compatible match. 

Step 10 – After this, you have to select your designation on the next page.

Step 11 – After adding your designation you need to describe yourself in a few simple words like Pet Lover. Adventurous, Bookworm, or many more. You need to add at least 3 qualities of yours. 

Step 12 – In the next step, you need to add some of your pictures. But here are some rules which you have to keep in mind that is you cannot move further without adding a picture or you cannot add any picture that is not related to you. For those of you who don’t want to put an image, you have an option to add an avatar. 

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Step 13 – The last-second step is to choose what you are looking for on love buzz. It can be anything, just friends or a long-term relationship as well. 

Step 14 – The last and final step is to select your ideal person and the age group you are looking for and you are good to go. 

Now all you have to do is just explore a bit and find the love of your life using LoveBuzz. 

Online Dating Tips: 7 Tips to Select Your Profile Picture

As a girl, you would be choosing a picture from an ocean of options, but couldn’t decide what would click. 

Boys are debating whether to choose a picture of a dog or a shirtless photo in the gym for dating sites for singles. Those of you with shy dispositions, find it difficult to locate a picture that is taken from a distance, without a clear face! Isn’t that right?

There’s a high probability that we don’t have the right picture for our dating profile on our phone, just waiting to be used… Or do we?

Due to the rapid swiping to locate dates online on the best dating app, you have a much shorter period of time to make a good impression, mere seconds to grab someone’s attention. Due to this reason, choosing what images to include in your best free online dating sites profile should be a thoughtful process.

Before we delve into the mechanics of online dating’s most successful picture, know this — A big no to Duckface selfies, pouts, heart filters and shirtless gym pics. You won’t win any matches on the good online dating apps with it. 

So a big no to – 

Because not everyone can pull off the expression like him
Image Credits: Google images

Here are your long-awaited magic tricks! A survey was conducted to see which display picture on the Lovebuzz best online video call dating app gets the most swipes. Based on an online survey, here are our suggestions on how to pick a profile picture:

1. Avoid Only Selfies

To our surprise, natural images/ portraits got a better response! In the world of front cameras, you probably think that only you are able to take the best photos of yourself. Even if it’s true, it’s weird when every photo of yours is a close-up image taken with an extended hand. I think it’s more of a face to display makeup expertise! 

Perhaps, it also makes you appear a self-obsessed person with no friends. So, first thing first, while looking for pictures, look for portraits and naturals.

How many are too many?
Image Credits: arizonamentalhealthhelpline

2. Candids and Natural self never fails!

A picture of you in your natural environment, for example, taking pictures while eating ice cream, sipping much-loved coffee or playing with a dog, has a better chance of being noticed than your modeling portfolio. In fact, you can take a picture while showcasing your hobbies like photography or enjoying a book. People are looking for authentic dates with a well-rounded life, so make sure you show them who you really are!

Boy can also do so, by maybe just putting a picture in your favourite jersey, which talks about your love for sports! A picture of you in your natural habitat is never boring! In fact, people admire that and it speaks volumes about your personality without having to say a word. 

Image Credits: Google images

3. Be Goofy – It’s Okay

You can post a picture of you with your friends in your natural form or dancing in the rain. A picture from your childhood or even a sunkissed picture of you lazing around speaks volumes and adds to the curiosity. The ratio should, however, be 5:1. 

There should be a minimum of four clear photos of your actual self in every silly/group photo!

4. Use Photos That Looks Like You, Not Like a Bot or Doll!

Making your picture too blurred, filtered, and perfectly posed makes you appear fake instead. In girls, putting 10 layers of filtration or editing makeup is a more common habit. However, according to our survey, most boys say there is a definite difference between an original picture and a retouched one! This makes the profile appear both fake and wannabe.

Additionally, it is a common habit of people to post a year-old picture, which might open a few temporary doors. You might end up in a bitter place instead. With your dishonesty you are just going to annoy people. Decide instead to select good angles and make a positive difference in the composition instead of skewed images that looks fake.

Image Credits: Google Images

5. Smile Does The Trick Always!

Lastly but most importantly, smiles melts everyone’s heart. According to the LoveBuzz survey, smiling in photos increases your chances of being liked by 23 percent. Smiling wholeheartedly makes you look more attractive, so stop hiding your pearly whites!

Image Credits: intechnic

What if you don’t want to upload a display picture but rather want to be selected for conversation compatibility? 

You have a place here at Lovebuzz too. You have the chance to make better relationships and find your soulmate by uploading your avatar with Lovebuzz online dating app. This gives you the ability to avoid judgment based solely on looks.

Whether you have a DP or not, let your heart flounder at the Lovebuzz free dating app. Online dating apps India free download – Lovebuzz!

18 Best Conversation Starter For Dating Sites for Singles?

An opening message requires a great deal of skill. Anything more exciting than “Hey” or “How’s it going?” is a success.

In dating sites, figuring out how to initiate a conversation is the most challenging yet crucial part. The first impression you make with a few words on online dating determines whether the discussion will continue or end before it even gets started.

Are you hesitant to initiate a conversation? Do you google pickup lines to initiate a conversation? That’s fine! You are not alone!

Take a look at 18 conversation starters suggested by Lovebuzz members, based on their experiences in the best dating sites online:

Kairav, 23, Mumbai

“I have tried telling jokes, saying one-liners, introducing myself, sending emojis, and so on dating sites for singles. But when I asked about something they had an interest in, I immediately got a response. Having said that, I recommend scanning bio to find a topic.”

Image Credits: Dreamstime

1. Hey! Your profile says you love to read books. What have you been reading currently? My all-time favourite Author is John Grisham. What about you?

2. Science student? What are your views on space expeditions and Astronauts? Which is your favorite science topic?

3. Running a marathon is impressive, I’d love to train for one. But I am not sure where to start! Help?

Priyansh, 26, Bangalore

“Honesty is not always the best policy!” For me, lies were the catalyst for the conversation on the dating sites for singles near me or online. “Not unhealthy or hurtful lies, but silly, harmless ones that people can laugh at together.”

Image Credits: Google Images

4. Hey! What is the craziest thing you have ever done? During the visit to Jim Corbett, I managed to escape myself from a Tiger! I still get goosebumps thinking about it today.

5. I recently moved to Bangalore, a beautiful city. My heart belonged to this city instinctively. What are the most unusual places to explore in this city? Are there any that Google won’t list in the top 10?

6. Hi Sanidhi, How been you been, girl? My God! I can’t believe I would meet you again after a year, let alone on a dating website. Waiting to hear from you!

“I have, of course, told them they were just lies, and the conversation would dread in hearty laughter!”

Riddhi, 24, Pune

“Anything out of the ordinary that would rouse the boy from the routine. Especially if you are dealing with smart people on the best dating sites in India, asking a question that might have them wondering works like a charm.”

Image Credits: Capitalfm

7. Hey! You seem to be a binge-watcher. Pick a celebrity you would want to take to a dinner date?

8. What’s the most useless talent you have?

9. If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

Akash, 28, Chandigarh

“Somewhere during the day, people certainly have time to kill! Instead of a boring ‘hey’, offer them an escape from boredom, and it will keep the conversation dreading on the best dating sites.”

Image Credits: brides.com

10. Wanna have a quick – this or that? In return, I’ll tell you about your personality. If I guessed it right, you swipe me right and if I am wrong, you can still swipe right on the best online dating sites so I become more acquainted with you? Deal?

i) Movie or Series?

ii) Humour or satire?

iii) Black or Red?

iv) Pizza or Pani Puri?

v) Sports or Music?

vi) Bollywood/ Tollywood or Hollywood?

11. Your profile says you are challenging and fun-loving! 

Here’s a quiz for you, if you crack it you’ll know the answers of my heart. If not, I will confess.

i) What did the guy squirrel say to the girl squirrel?

ii) What did the Valentine Card say to the stamp?

iii) What did the fish say to the bait on Valentine’s Day?

Answers: i) I am “nuts” about you! ii)  “Stick” with me and we’ll go places. iii) We should totally hook up!

Devansh, 24, Gurgaon

“Many people say no, but with cute girls, cheesy lines work very well. Most certainly, the lines that make their heart flutter. Try it on the best dating sites free, and see for yourself!”

Image Credits: Google Images

12. If you respond to one message today, let it be mine! 

13. Saw your profile and just had to say ‘Hi’

14. They say a good opening line initiates conversation. Unfortunately, I don’t have the strongest opening line. So please consider my opening line ___________________.

Monika, 25, Indore

“Honesty does not always work, but when it does, it works right where it should. When it comes to finding a serious relationship, honesty does it all!”

Image Credits: Desikahaniyaan

15. Hi! Not too big on openers or cheesy lines, but I liked your profile… looking forward for a conversation!

16. Honestly, I am very choosy. After 100s of left swipes in the week, you were my first right. It was your intellective bio that got me roped. I hoping to make some good conversation.

Rohit, 27, Chennai

“One conversation that always worked in their favour is showing interest in their job. Let someone know if you think their career is noteworthy even if you don’t find a career connection.”

17. “Hey Rashmi, Fashion Designer! How cool is that job? What inspired you to pursue design?”

18. “Author Shramona! That’s quite a profession! Developing characters and writing stories must be fun, right? As a bookworm, I love reading new stories. Let’s connect?”

Image Credits: Staticflickr

Do you still have questions about conversation starters? Well, no worries! New features like wingman and chatroom have put lovebuzz ahead of the competition, making it the best dating sites online free.

The chatroom feature of Lovebuzz allows you to get past awkward silences.

Say goodbye to awkwardness with Lovebuzz Chat Rooms. It’s a unique feature that you won’t find in any other app, where you start with generic conversations rather than directly moving to private chats. Consider a topic of your choice, start a conversation, see who replies, then move the conversation into private chats with people you feel comfortable with. No compatibility or converging pressure.

To add to the issue of initiating conversation, Lovebuzz has also launched a new feature of a wingman. Sometimes, people lack the words to even begin a conversation. The problem is more prevalent among boys than among girls, according to Lovebuzz survey. 

Lovebuzz’s wingman offers suggestive lines and enticing conversation starters in a private chat box. In future, the system might also suggest a way for them to respond to the message at hand.

So, download Lovebuzz, the dating sites for singles free, today and enjoy a seamless dating experience!

8 Tips For Successful Online Dating

Isn’t dating apps just the best kind of window shopping? I mean you find a date by swiping right, browsing profiles and when you find your perfect one, you move on to the conversation. And if you get lucky, you might get a few violins playing romantic songs in the background, the breeze blowing a bit extra and you walking hand-in-hand with your partner on the beach sand!

Truth be told, easier said than done!

Reality check – 

You are not the only one diving in the oceans of profiles while others wait for your open arms. Free dating apps online is much more than swiping right? While you are looking for others’ profiles, do not forget that others are looking for your profile too!

Even the best online dating sites with intelligent matchmaking and millions of people might leave you single. Here are tips suggested by lovebuzz, an online free dating app in India, developers and people who have been dating online for 5-8 years. They said that over the years, they have experienced failures in the first few years. While with the experience they have gained from failures, online dating has become as easy as window shopping that ends in finding the perfect match!

Online dating isn’t for people who get disheartened easily by rejections. However, here are some tips for both men and women that might spare you some failures. Know them! 8 Successful online dating tips:

1. Choose Dating App Wisely:

First thing first, you need to look for the best online dating apps in India that meet your requirements, be it privacy concerns, added features, an easy interface, reach, or more. Also, talking of objectives, some apps work better for casual dating while others work better for a serious relationship.

No matter what you’re looking for – a compatible match or something more — Lovebuzz is well-equipped to help. You can ease your problems with Lovebuzz, an app developed specifically for India. It is safe with features like uploading an avatar as your display picture and has features like a chatroom that allows you to initiate a conversation on a common platform and take it to your private chatroom. But most importantly, it has an intelligent making algorithm that outperforms any other online Indian dating apps.

Image Credits: Cnet.com

To know how to choose an app wisely, read – 

2. Creating a Complete and Impressive Bio:

Completing questions in a bio can be time-taking and effort-making. However, as per the survey, there are more chances of a complete profile to be preferred by daters for various reasons. 

Firstly, it talks about you and makes the profile appear authentic. Secondly, the information in your bio helps people develop an interest in you. Third and most important, it helps in the algorithm, to help you find the best match.

Having said that, do not forget that it is not a CV and you are not looking for a job. So don’t write it like you are trying to impress others with education and achievement. Keep the bio simple and interactive.

Image Credits: Freepik.com

To know how to make an impressive bio, read – 

3. Don’t Blindly Swipe Right:

Ask yourself a brutal question before swiping right: If the girl is Angelina Jolie, are you a Brad Pitt? OR if the boy has Sheldon’s brains (Big Bang Theory), are you Amy enough?
Let us talk bluntly, blind darts leaves you nothing but disappointment. Be reasonable! 

Ask yourself that blunt question, “Are you now the kind of guy she’d be attracted to?”

Or “Is there anything common in your bio that can initiate a conversation?”

Image Credits: Google Images

4. The First Message is Important:

We all have heard, “The first impression is the last impression!” It is time to put the same to practice.

Don’t just send messages out blindly. You have to tailor the message to your goals and the person you are writing to. 

I mean writing a compliment to a beautiful woman is what everyone is doing. To stand out, dig deeper into their profile. Read and re-read it until you find something most people must have missed. Unfortunately, this comes with practice, and the more messages you send, the better you will get.

However, you can start with picking an interest or hobby to initiate conversation. Having said that, do not keep the conversation one-sided, make it more interactive. Dating is a two-way process. The more open-ended discussions you have, the more chances are of keeping it going.

A pro tip: Try to initiate a conversation in the noon. Preferably on Sunday at noon. It is the time when people are bored and browsing through various apps. At this time, people are more likely to reply to your message. While if you give them the same message in the morning or evening, they are more likely to skip it due to work and being surrounded by friends/ families.

Image Credits: Google Image

5. Invest time, don’t waste your time:

An online video dating app is about selecting the best match. Having said that, you do not have to respond to every contact you receive. The app is not about being considerate. Even if you are messaging ‘Not interested,’ stop doing that. It will only lead to frustrating conversations, starting with them asking ‘why?’

When you receive a request, browse through the profile instead of blindly accepting it. And don’t feel guilty while rejecting a profile, when a person does not click. Rejecting right away is much better than ghosting or slow fading later.

Image Credits: Shutterstock.com

6. IRL is Important To Keep The First Relationship Going:

Often after succeeding in chatting and video conversation, people become over-confident and fail at the stepping stone – IRL meeting! Don’t forget, you are not done. IRL is going to be another test, no matter how long you have been taking or how impressed the other person is. 

Meet in public and on neutral territory. Also, while meeting, make sure you keep the conversation light. Don’t take your date to a too fancy restaurant. No matter what background you come from, be considerate of others. Decide the venue mutually and choose a soothing location instead of a bar on the first date. A place where you can talk, without feeling awkward because of the surroundings.

Expert’s Opinion: The conversation of the first date decides the rest of the dates. So, keep it simple and real.

Image Credits: Google Images

7. Honesty is the Best Policy: 

While it might sound like an old school lecture, it is the most common mistake people make. In efforts to impress others, people often get diverted, start to show off or become way too naive. Also, 70% of people, in order to impress a match, start talking their language. It starts with simple things like trying to agree to things you are not and diving into oceans of lies. But even if you succeed in impressing the person, how long do you think the relationship would last?

To find a date that lasts longer and does not end on a bitter note, it is important to stay honest. That said, being honest doesn’t mean speaking out about every detail of your life. Instead, be who you are, talk the way you do and speak of things you love. Simple! Be you!

Image Credits: Google Images

8. Keep Tweaking, Instead of Blaming Apps:

If you are not getting the response you want – if your inbox is lying empty then don’t blame the app or location or city you belong to. Instead, take it as a signal for revisiting your profile. Tweak the existing bio, hobbies, interests and more. Compare your bio with others or take suggestions from a friend to scan your bio and give an honest opinion.

Image Credits: Devian Art

If you have these 8 things right, you will surely get a successful online date that might last longer.

Download Lovebuzz, the best dating app in India, today and get started!

Embrace Online Dating With Lovebuzz: Create a Smoother Dating Experience

With people being vaccinated and gradually re-routing to normal life, dating is back! 

In turn, online dating sites are flourishing again, with people meaning to take the online conversation to safe dining meet-ups, indoor drinks or even driveway cafes. We’re ready to hop back on the love train while swiping right!

Having said that, there are various free dating apps that have emerged stronger during the pandemic, adapting new features that allow you to meet people even without ever leaving your home. Are you still having trouble finding a date? Maybe it’s time to switch to LOVEBUZZ!

We’ve rounded up the best reasons to choose Lovebuzz!

No matter what you’re looking for – a compatible match or something more — Lovebuzz is well-equipped to help. You can ease your problems with Lovebuzz, an app developed specifically for India. We studied all the existing Indian and International dating apps and found different problems associated with them. Additionally, we conducted a survey to understand the problems the Indian crowd faces on the best free dating apps.

Contrary to our expectations of privacy concerns, people were more focused on tools that could help them initiate a conversation. They wanted an app that simplifies the process of initiating a conversation without being judged on the basis of a picture. Being rejected because of looks caused self-doubt, according to people. 

So we decided to create the best online free dating app that solves all of the problems and we will continue to tweak it based on user suggestions to give the best possible dating experience.

Conversations Made Easy

New features like wingman and chatroom have put lovebuzz ahead of the competition, making it the online best dating app.

The chatroom feature of Lovebuzz allows you to get past awkward silences.

Do you hesitate to initiate a conversation? Do you google pickup lines to initiate a conversation? Well! You are not alone.

Image Credits: Youngisthan

Say goodbye to awkwardness with Lovebuzz Chat Rooms. It’s a unique feature that you won’t find in any other app, where you start with generic conversations rather than directly moving to private chats. Consider a topic of your choice, start a conversation, see who replies, then move the conversation into private chats with people you feel comfortable with. No compatibility or converging pressure.

To add to the issue of initiating conversation, Lovebuzz has also launched a new feature of a wingman. Sometimes, introverts, nerds, geeks, and shy people lack the words to even begin a conversation. The problem was more prevalent among boys than among girls, according to Lovebuzz survey. 

Lovebuzz’s wingman offers suggestive lines and enticing conversation starters in a private chatbox. In future, the system might also suggest a way for them to respond to the message at hand.

Concerns About Confidentiality!

The second most talked about problem, according to the survey, is privacy concerns. Dating sites is a relatively new concept in India. This is a common trend among late Gen Z and millennials, but the older generation is still trying to get a hand on it. 

When it comes to finding love in the digital age, it’s hard to topple Lovebuzz, a free app designed with Indians’ privacy concerns in mind and specifically designed to meet their dating needs. Always consider privacy before diving into finding the best dating apps for relationships to find the perfect mate. 

Image Credits: Just Posh Masks

Lovebuzz’s feature Avatar, have resolved major privacy concerns. Lovebuzz allows you to keep your avatar as your display picture until you decide otherwise. This would not only save you from your cousin/ nosy neighbours but also keep creeps from drooling over you! What’s more? It would give you a better chance of finding a soulmate who is actually interested in you rather than creepy catcallers.

Our focus on privacy concerns is not limited to display pictures but also eliminates catfish accounts. Despite the fundamental purpose of an Indian dating app is to meet new people, users’ safety cannot be overlooked. Every profile on lovebuzz is verified. Be rest assured, you know who you’re talking to is genuine. You can enjoy dating, be it virtual or in-person.

Trouble Finding a Perfect Match?

Scrolling through endless bios and trying to find a match for days, are you?

A specific feature of Lovebuzz sets it apart from other apps by providing the most compatible match with a five-question compatibility test. It selects the right partner for you based on adaptive algorithms. All you have to do is answer a few quick questions and it effortlessly finds the perfect match for you.

Image Credits: Google Images

Let your heart flutter with the Lovebuzz app. Visit today and enjoy a smoother dating experience!