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Found The One on Online Dating App But Still Unsure If The Feeling is Mutual? Here’s How to Find Out!

Online dating can be fun but SUPER stressful at the same time. Since free online dating sites are a rising pop culture trend, everyone is hopping on the online dating app train. The concept of whether your next match will be a lesson or the love of your life can be nerve-wracking. 

At a point when you feel drawn to somebody, it’s normal to contemplate whether they feel the same way, as well. All things considered, taking an action would be much less unnerving when you know the other person feels the same. While you may never genuinely know how somebody feels except if they say it. You can, however, get a clue. 

How can you say whether somebody is attracted to you? How would you realize you are attracted to them? There are a great deal of physical and verbal signs people make when they are attracted to somebody. They’re regularly unpretentious, and every individual will do it somewhat another way.

How to know if the feeling is mutual? LoveBuzz, the best online dating app in India is here to help you! 


Mirroring is an intriguing response to the person you like. At a point when an individual unknowingly mirrors or copies the activities of someone else. This isn’t something that individuals do deliberately when they like somebody. It occurs without their notice, falling into the routine of the individual they are drawn to. You unconsciously act in the same way, you adopt their ways. 

For example- using their lingos and slang, listening to their playlist, copying the way they talk or laugh without actually intending to do so, developing an interest in the same movie genre. 

You start using their words or start talking or texting like them. It facilitates empathy and indicates that the person is completely engaged and immersed in the conversation. It establishes the fact that the person is similar to you. 

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They would want to talk to you

Constant communication reveals a very crucial point. People want to talk to their crush as much as they can. Most people won’t stay up into the early hours of the morning talking to you if they don’t like you. You’ll notice that they’ll try to find topics to talk about and they won’t let the conversation die. They’ll strive for a genuine connection and may ask you questions about yourself. They would want to make plans with you and see you more often be it IRL or Video calls. You will feel comfortable with them and the conversation will not be awkward, it is a good sign as talking on online free dating apps can be awkward because you’ve not met them IRL.  They won’t just dip and ghost you, if they’re busy, they’ll let you know. They will not leave you hanging. Regardless of how busy they get, they will consistently figure out how to talk to you or react to your messages when you need them. You will feel prioritised and needed. 

When it comes to talking to somebody on online dating apps, we tend to be eager. It is possible that we send a long message or multiple messages. The reality is, we might flood somebody’s inbox the more excited and immerse we become. 

However, if the person likes you, they will pay close attention to your messages. They’ll make sure that they read your numerous texts and answer each and every one. 

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Fast replies

You shouldn’t get too worried about how frequently somebody messages you, however, when you notice that somebody answers your messages immediately, it is a good sign that they’re attracted to you and want to keep the conversation going. 

Fast replies are critical to keeping a relationship going. You don’t have to answer quickly, however, you should answer within 24 hours so that the other person doesn’t lose interest. 

Pro tip for Online free dating sites users : sometimes the person is actually testing you and trying to see if you are interested in them or not! Very complicated. 

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Compliments and Consideration

They often think about what you need to say. They will not brush you off. They will participate in the conversation with you, add to it, react, and be capable and able to go to and fro with you about whatever you are talking about. They will not be occupied or give you one-word answers. 

In the event when you continually keep thinking about whether an individual has feelings for you or not, that actually becomes your answer. At the point when feelings are shared, the message is clear. The relationship should push ahead, not in reverse. 

You feel special. The person will show their adoration and act accordingly. There are diverse approaches to do this, however, the outcome will be something very similar, you will realize they like you.

They like to compliment you and they genuinely mean it. People generally engage in sweet talks with the person they are attracted to. Consistency is the key to building a happy relationship. They will slide a compliment or two and will never forget to ask about your day.

It is very notable that humour is the fundamental quality to one’s heart (well, besides food of course!) If your person is trying to make you laugh, they want to see you happy. They will make you feel good about yourself. 

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Respecting your time and space

A respectful individual is an indication of a good person who you can trust. They will not get irritated or bombard you with texts when you don’t reply, they will respect your personal space and they will respect you in general. 

They will be patient with you and will not rush you into things you are unsure about. Boundaries are important in any relationship. If that person really likes you, they will never make you uncomfortable. 

If they genuinely like you, they will still talk to you even if you want to take things slow. They know their limitations and will not be creepy. 

Image credit- Jason Stadtlander

Sharing about themselves

If a person is willing to share things about their past or things in general, they are opening themselves to you and leaving themselves vulnerable to your judgement.  

It is a lot harder than it looks. Allow them to open up and provide a comfortable space for them to share. They like you and are comfortable enough to share things with you. 

Image credit- Dreamstime

These signs won’t be blazing in your face immediately. It requires some investment to foster a solid relationship and for feelings to develop further, however, you will ultimately begin to see the signs of mutual feelings.

If the emotions and feelings are common among both of you, it will become apparent. You will not feel stupid for sending a message or thinking about who calls whom first. 

Take your time and read these signs if you are confused and unsure about their feelings. 

LoveBuzz, the best online dating app in India, is here and happy to help you. 

Happy Dating!

Love stories from dating apps

Love Stories From Dating Apps That Will Put You in the Mood For Virtual Romance

Online dating apps don’t seem to be the means of finding your soulmate, do they?

Well! Ask the love maniacs, who irrespective of lockdown, found the one who can pop their feet off the land with a sweet kiss!

Do you want to know them? Where would they meet, how the story unfolds?

P.S.: The names have been altered for privacy reasons. 

It is our promise, however, that reading their love story will inspire you to believe in the online dating app India and find your soulmate.

Image Credits: Google Images

1. It’s the time to kiss-ko?

The story of two neighbours who met on an online dating site. We could not think of a better title or name – Naina and Aman.

Aman stayed in Pune for a job for almost 4 years. He would only make small visits to his home, unaware of the neighbourhood where his parents moved in. 

For the first time during the pandemic, Aman stayed at home for two years. During the time he developed a crush on a girl who lived in the same building. Gradually, he found the girl on the lovebuzz, the best dating app, where their love story began.

With lovebuzz, he found the courage to talk to a girl and propose her, which he could not do in real-time. 

Aman – “A shy boy that I am, I would have never gotten to know Naina if not for LoveBuzz. One and a half years after we began dating, we are actually talking about marriage today! Thanks to Lovebuzz.

Image credits:

2. Tom & Jerry –

There’s a reason why we named them, ‘Tom & Jerry.’ After a bumpy start, two people fell in love. They soon grew accustomed to their arguments and their disagreement became a source of love.

Jerry – “I always wondered how our compatibility matched on the Lovebuzz. While he sleeps with the dog, I stay a kilometre away. Nevertheless! …I am glad that lovebuzz compatibility was implemented differently. Even though I’m a bookworm and he’s a party animal, he matches right where I want him to. He respects women, loves science, and has a sensible heart.”

Tom – “Her avatar was a wheatish-girl with curly locks and a pair of glasses. In comparison to all the pretty avatars, she seemed the most real. My first words to impress her were cheesy ones. We certainly had a few off, but the competition became more about who would give the last reply. Seeing her disagree over how Delhi (where she hailed from) beats Mumbai (where I hailed from) became the most enjoyable part of the day. It made me laugh! They say love comes in different forms. For me, she was the one. Today, even though we don’t have a lot in common, we admire each other and are always laughing together. She has my heart!”

Image Credits:

3. Isn’t it Romantic?

When they lost hope, their hearts pounded. It was compatibility and conversation, not looks, that attracted them. The story convinces us that movies are based on reality. Our Natalie found Josh! 

I am not a poster girl for much in life and, therefore, have only had bad experiences with online dating sites. As much as I gave up on apps, I gave ‘LOVE BUZZ’ one last try. And it worked! With Avtaar, there was no one to judge, no cheap encounters. By the time I was ready to quit, I had 3 boys buzzing my heart.”

Think of the girl who once doubted herself, now having 3 boys that were raving about her. Josh has certainly won my heart with his sense of humour, our love of movies, and our common profession – digital marketing. Lovebuzz not only gave me a soulmate, but also two good friends.

Image Credits: Popsugar Asset

4. The ‘Concert’ connection –

We would call this couple Beyonce and Jay Z because of their love of music. Although, our Beyonce claims that Lovebuzz Jay Z reminds her more of Ajay Devgan when he sings. We love them, though!

Jay Z – “She had a ridiculous profile, to be honest. The bond between us was forged by our love for Shawn Mendes, concerts and Formula1. While I wasn’t looking for anything serious, she was all in for love!”

“Like many other girls, she was so straightforward and honest. She never took pride in showing off her best possessions or bragging about how nice she looked. So instead of judging her, I decided to give her a shot. And hey! She had a quick wit and the best eyes I’ve ever seen. Most importantly, she sings beautifully! We have been dating for 3 months now! Nothing serious, but let’s see where it goes!”

Beyonce – “The east meets the west here. To begin with, he is a terrible singer but a good listener. The sleeping beauty refuses to heed his call for tight sleep even when it is loud. Despite this, he is a fun person to be around, full of life. It’s going well between us! Although he made zillions of requests for me to update my Lovebuzz bio, it remained unchanged.” 

These are some of lovebuzz success stories, we will come up with more soon. 

Lovebuzz –

The online free dating app in India is designed considering the Indian crowd in mind. It keeps your identity confidential without compromising on quality. Our system verifies every profile, eliminating the possibility of fake accounts.

Let your heart flutter with the Lovebuzz app. Not sure where to begin? Download the Indian dating app and first things first, craft a compelling bio, 

Click here for tips9 Tips to Create Online Dating App Profile – Lovebuzz

Online dating conversation tips

Online Dating: 7 Tips to Get past the Awkwardness & Start a Conversation

The talking phase can be a complicated stage. It can be exciting and thrilling, however, let’s face it—they’re likewise somewhat awkward and weird. The objective is to become friends with this individual and possibly discover something extraordinary, a connection. However, imagine a scenario where you have covered all the possible topics and now you’ve run out of things to discuss? I mean, it’s bound to happen on these online free dating apps right? Well good news, it doesn’t have to be this way! Say Goodbye to awkwardness, LoveBuzz the best dating app in India is here to save the day (or your date) We’ve come up with seven amazing ideas to spice up boring conversations. They’ll not just help you avoid the dreaded awkwardness but will also increase your chances of getting a second date! *Wink, wink*

1. Talk about your favourites 

Finding similar interests and bonding on things you both like is the key to building a healthy relationship.

With popular online streaming sites like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, YouTube there is definitely a wide range of shows/movies and music available. Talk about your favourite movies, series and music and why you like them. Exchange your favourites and you might find a new comfort movie/ artist/ book/ series in this process. Sometimes people have a backstory as to why they like this particular thing. When you share your story, a connection starts to form and the conversation is no longer awkward, rather it is deep and meaningful. They might end up like your favourite artist or movie and then you can go for a little movie date or a concert date.

Image credits: MinDof / Shutterstock

2. Hobbies, hobbies & hobbies

It’s an important aspect of any talking phase, what makes you, you?? The things that drive you, your favourite pastimes and passions. By talking about your passions and your inclinations, you’re letting your date know more about you and vice versa. 

You’ll find out about their hobbies, while additionally measuring how much spare time they really have and how they spend it. 

Image credit/ Graphic by- Claire Redinger/The Gateway


Since we’re amidst a pandemic and the world has moved on to online dating apps, talking about food can be a great way to snag a second date. As you’ll be talking about your favourite cuisine or restaurant you can casually slip in the suggestion of going to one of the restaurants. Very smart indeed! 

You can discuss your all-time favourite dishes, the best cafes in town and voila! You have a possibility of a second date!

Image credits- Pinterest

4. Bring some humour on

Humour can be an amazing weapon to break the ice and the awkwardness. Depending upon your date’s preference you can send them memes and posts. However, refrain from bombarding them with posts and make sure your idea of humour is not offensive or insensitive. You can also start with a funny yet cute pick-up line. Just make sure they’re interesting, no one really likes used, old and cheesy pick-up lines. 

Image credits – Pinterest

5. Your dreams and ambitions 

Talking about your dreams and ambitions can be a great way to build a genuine and meaningful connection. However, not everyone is comfortable talking about them, so build that comfort zone and make sure your date is comfortable before asking these questions. You can talk about where you see yourself in five years, or what motivates you.

Image credits- Pinterest 

6. Compliments and pictures

Don’t be shy about sliding some compliments here and there. Comfortable, healthy flirting and compliments will make your date feel good which thus, may make them more receptive to your messages. They may compliment you too, this way you can actually know if they’re interested in you or not.

Using your date’s first name in the conversation reiterates your interest which may make them keener on keeping the conversation going with you. It makes the conversation more personal and makes the person feel important. 

Send pictures of what you’re doing. If you’re going out for a walk, pictures of sunsets or something beautiful can be yet another conversation starter. (only if they’re comfortable). Since pictures are filled with tiny details, you can comment or ask about something related to them. You can also get a clear picture (no pun intended) of their lifestyle and their likings. You can ask them about their day and if something out of the ordinary happened or not. Venting out about something makes the connection strong and it also removes awkwardness. 

Image credits- Shutterstock

7. Opinions and experiences. 

A basic, non-compromising request for an opinion is an incredible method to keep the conversation flowing. This ice breaker rotates around saying something and afterwards requesting input from your date. For example – you can ask their opinion on a certain kind of food combination. Or an opinion on a particular issue/book/movie/show. This will kick things off and give you a more in-depth idea of their personality. 

Since you both are on an online dating site, you may have somewhat similar experiences while using the site. Also, chances are you both live in the same area. You could begin the conversation by asking about their encounters or experiences while using the site. They may even tell you their craziest experience or encounter. If you both live in the same city, you can ask about their favourite local recreational activity. You can tell them yours. 

You can ask them about their pet peeves, this way you can avoid making the same mistakes. 

You can ask them if they have pets, if they’re an animal lover like you, you can bond over animals. You can start the conversation with a cute or funny thing that your pet does. 

Image credits- Getty image 

Follow these tips for the best dating app experience. You’ll be ready to talk for hours without losing interest or being awkward. Keep your conversation starters simple and let your questions flow naturally rather than following a script. Just make sure you both are comfortable.

You can say goodbye to awkward encounters with LoveBuzz  (the best dating app for relationships)

With innovative ice-breaking sessions and chat rooms, you are free to strike a conversation effortlessly and without interruptions. Check it out! 

Follow these tips and enter a no-awkwardness zone.

Happy dating!

Dating Lingos

10 Online Dating App Lingos You Must Know to Stand Out!

Dating in 2020-21 is complicated, thanks to the pandemic that restricted us to our homes for an all-encompassing timeframe. we’ve gone from IRL (in real life) to swiping right. From meeting people in crowded places to seeing them confined to a tiny screen. To make the matter more complicated, the dictionary of terms used to portray exactly what the dating status is has never been vaster. With an increase in free online dating sites the craze is real. Indian dating apps are growing in popularity too.

In this “sliding in the dms” generation of “ghosters” and “swipe righters”, you’re bound to get in the minefield of the ever-changing dating lexicons, but, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with ‘10 Dating Lingos You Must Know to Stand Out!’ Free Online dating app tips to keep you updated.

Don’t get played, get schooled instead!

1)          Waldo-ing

When you are browsing through the online dating app and see someone posting only group photos on their profile, turns out it is a pretty common factor and a lot of people are guilty of doing that. Well, in dating language this term is known as “Waldo-ing”. You know like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ you have to spot the one using the profile, if you’re lucky enough you get the right guess. If not then good luck detective.

Image Credits: Pinterest

2)          Ghosting

Though “Ghosting” has been around for a while, it has recently picked its pace in the modern social media dating scenario. Ghosting happens when the individual you’re messaging, talking, or even dating, cuts off all correspondence with you abruptly and unexpectedly. They may not be busy, they may be ghosting you.

Image Credits: Shutterstock

3)          Zombie-ing

It is one step ahead of ghosting. When someone who has ghosted you tries to make contact after a long period of time, acting like nothing happened and then leaves you on the edge again. If that is the case, then my friend you’ve been zombied! With social media on the rise, they can lurk on your Instagram page, like your pictures, reply to your stories and then dip…again.

Image Credits: Pinterest

4)          Cuffing season

Cuffing- season is the time where holiday spirits are high and the weather is cold. It is the time when you are ready to DTR (define the relationship) or be in a relationship. People are ready to be boo’d up (another dating term which means- to be in a relationship.) Blame it on the cold weather where you’re ready to snuggle/cuddle or the holiday spirit. Tis’ the (cuffing) season to be jolly!

Image Credits: Google Images

5)          Benching

Just like in sports, when extra players are left on reserves (on the bench), benching in dating lingo means exactly the same. When they don’t like you enough to date you, but don’t want you to move on either and keep you just around the corner. You may find yourself being “benched”. Feeling like a second- option when the person you’re talking to continues to look around. (Or vice versa) Don’t confuse it with “Cushioning”

Image Credits: Pinterest

6)          Cushioning

Cushioning may sound similar to Benching, however, there is a catch. When you’re in a relationship or when you are seriously dating someone but you also have other “cushions”, people who you talk or flirt with and use them as a soft landing to protect you from the blow if your current relationship doesn’t last. Brutal.

Image Credits: Google Images

7)          Pocketing

When the person you’re dating avoids introducing you to their friends or family and doesn’t post you on social media platforms. It is also known as “stashing”.

You become their “secret”. If you’ve been dating for a long time and your partner is stashing, then you might want to have ‘the talk’. Dating tip -DTR I repeat DTR! (define the relationship)

Image Credits: Pinterest

8)          Daterview

Darerview refers to a date which is more like an interview, and trust me no one likes being interviewed.  If your date is constantly asking you serious questions one after the other, like “how many kids do you want?” “Why did your last relationship end?”, you’re not on a cute date, you’re on a daterview.

Image Credits: Pinterest

9)          Catfishing

Another term that was prevalent earlier but picked its pace since modern dating gained recognition. Catfishers create a false online profile/persona using fake pictures or other people’s pictures. They communicate only online and never in person to maintain their façade.

Catfishers may have malicious intent, and as per reports they target people, mostly women to assault them. Dating tip for women- Let your friends know your location or let them accompany you.

First dating tip- Always meet in crowded public places to ensure safety.

Image Credits: Shutterstock

10)   Kanye’d

Ever been on a date where the other person didn’t let you speak? They somehow managed to make everything about them? Turns out you’ve been “Kanye’d”

The one-sided, narcissistic conversation flouting dating etiquette? Yup kanye’d .

Dating tip for people- Conversation is a two-way process, you’ll get your turn. In order to know them better, you need to let the other person speak.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Bonus lingo- Since these lingos are evolving, let’s make our own lingo.

LoveBuzz is an Online dating app in India Love-buzzed- when you are excited about your date or when you’re in love, feeling buzzed and happy, yes you’re “love-buzzed”
Now that you’ve been schooled, use the best Indian dating app LoveBuzz & have fun!

9 Worst Conversation Phase Turn Offs during Online Dating

9 Worst Conversation Phase Turn Offs During Online Dating

The art of crafting an opening message is complex. Anything more exciting than “Hey” or “How’s it going?” is an accomplishment.

But getting the conversation started isn’t even the hardest part anymore – it’s keeping the conversation going that’s dreaded. Forget chemistry, asking the right questions and saying the right things will determine whether a relationship will advance to an in-person date. Consequently, we decided to take a little survey to discover different conversation phase turnoffs.

In a survey, members of Lovebuzz, an up-and-coming free online dating site, were asked — “What are the biggest turn-offs during the talking phase?”

Quite varied responses poured in from all around. Here are the Top 9 responses:

1. Speaking too little!

Of the many participants in the survey, one of the most encountered turn-offs by online dating app users was shyness or having too little to speak. This issue was especially common amongst Indian audiences who are too nervous to speak their mind.

A date is all about getting to know each other, which is pretty hard if I am talking to a brick wall.” – Jay

Image Credits: tenor

Shyness eludes you from meaningful conversions, just put yourself out there and see where it can take you. 

Image Credit: Movie – Maine Pyar Kia

2. Delayed replies!

In comparison to females, the problem of delayed replies is more prevalent among males. Quick replies give the impression you want to talk, but late replies show disinterest.
“Had I wished for a late reply, I would have mailed you a handwritten note! Agar 2-3 din baad hi reply karna hai toh ‘kabootar’ paal lo, why use a dating chat room?” – Rachit

Once in a while, a delayed response is acceptable. However, repeatedly delaying might lead to misunderstandings. You should rather give a tiny note on unavailability if the conversation is pending.

3. Lazy texts?

It is funny how chats have advanced into eating up vowels? Sadly, during the survey, a lot of girls complained about mails using encoded words that are not only annoying but at times gets difficult to understand. 

“Texts enciphered as if they were en route to some secret mission, why? My school probably taught me wrong spellings where Wait became ‘W8’, You is ‘u’, Your is ‘ur’, Fine is ‘F9′, Okay/ok is ‘K’, How are you ishru, forget everything, I love you is ‘iluand ‘love you too’ is ‘lu2’?” – Sohini

Image Credita: Quora

Honestly, even we don’t understand what would you do in the milliseconds you saved by eating the vowels? You do not only show poor communication skills, but also display a lackadaisical attitude. 

4. Incapable of carrying on a full conversation? 

One of many common issues that people considered as a turn-off by Indian dating app users is the incapability to speak. This indeed is a problem encountered by 87% of people on the app.

“People who constantly ask hru/wyd, again and again, quickly lose my interest.” – Riddhi

Image Credits: Google Images

Introducing LoveBuzz Chat Rooms, which allows you to slip into conversations easily. Lovebuzz, an Indian dating app, gives you something to talk about at all times, so you will never feel awkward. How cool is that?

5. Mind games? you ask.

A few users have reported that people who say mindful words always as an unwelcome turn-off.

My boyfriend made me laugh with his openness to talking to me, regardless of how often he texted or called me. I say, just put yourself out there!” – Suruchi

Image Credits: Google Images

Being sweet is one thing! But all sugar is bad sugar! 

A conversation can be weakened if someone evaluates who spoke first or how many messages were sent. Likewise, if you always try to make an impression and remain pretentious might lead you nowhere. Being yourself is the key to finding your soulmate!

6. Crying Baby!

The users complained about how people started crying rivers, expecting endless sympathy. Even funnier is the fact that they think it will strengthen their relationship.

“A Sad Boi, draking over problems every time possible is certainly a turn-off. You should rather find a counsellor!” – Mands

Image Credits: Google Images

A few glimpses into your issues later in conversation may be acceptable. Don’t be an all-cry baby! In fact, to build a healthy relationship that grows into something — keep the fun alive!

7. Showing-Off

No matter how obvious the danger of boredom is, many people boast incessantly about themselves. 

‘I totaled a brand new luxury car. Horse-riding is another skill I possess. My family loves to host parties. And well my sister! She is married and settled in Los Angeles.’ “Is this guy real?” – Asmi

Image Credits: Google Images

It’s a no-brainer! We are only covering the basics here. We don’t doubt your ability or calibre. However, try to be less showy and more interactive. I mean, ‘Horse-riding is another skill I possess.’ can become, ‘I love horse-riding. What are your hobbies? Easy, isn’t it?

8. Patience!

Surprisingly, we have received this problem more from males than females. They said, even though working from home, they do have meetings to attend and work to do.

Despite not responding to their texts, they keep messaging you. Does it seem difficult for them to understand that I have a life outside of dating apps as well?” – Devansh

Image Credits: Quora

Yet another, no brainer! Restlessness can be extremely frustrating. It’s understandable that you are concerned when someone is online and avoids you on purpose by not responding for days. But expecting a response right away is a no-no.

9. Online dates are not Debates!

Funny right? Well! We also laughed as we read users’ responses in the context. Interestingly, people who like to talk a lot about themselves also finish others’ sentences. This angers everyone!

Me: ‘Today is ….’
Him: ‘Sunday!’
Me: ‘No, Today is …’
Him: ‘Oh wait, YOUR BIRTHDAY?’
Me: ‘Ergh! Today is a busy day! Let’s talk tomorrow?’

Instead of turning the conversation into a political debate and talking over each other, isn’t it better to think of the conversation like a relay race?

Is good communication enough?

Even if you meet someone with good communication skills, does this guarantee compatibility? Although a good conversation may keep a conversation going, it is hard to find a like-minded match in the sea of profiles. 

‘LOVEBUZZ’ eases the process of finding a soulmate.

Lovebuzz, an online dating app in India, offers an exclusive service called “5 daily compatibility questions,” designed by our expert matchmakers, to determine if you’re compatible with someone. So you don’t have to waste your time reading long boring profiles, and grilling every person you meet until you get tired and compromise. Lovebuzz online dating app also respects your privacy concerns by only providing verified profiles and allowing you to change your picture into an avatar.

So, have fun dating with Lovebuzz, the best online dating app!

Tips to Create a Perfect Dating App Profile

9 Tips to Create Online Dating App Profile – Lovebuzz

Creating an online dating app profile can be daunting. Read this to know the top 9 tips to create a perfect online dating app profile.

Fun Fact – In a recent study, every one in three couples now find love online

In this fast-paced world of instant gratification where everything is available with a tap on the phone. It is almost logical to find love the same way as well. Whether you’re up to exploring online dating sites or are more inclined towards apps (hello, LoveBuzz!), let our experts steer you away from any dating app turn-offs.

It can be so easy to look at pictures on your online dating app and swipe right. But don’t forget there are a lot of very attractive, but undateable, people out there. This again makes having a bio and checking peoples profile equally important.

But how do you make an impressive bio?

Here are Nine Millennial Bio Tips for Indian dating apps, Lovebuzz –

1. Avoid cliches

Even if you like long walks on the beach, or enjoy sunsets, or are a hardcore sapiosexual – avoid saying that. Think of something interesting that could be a conversation starter. 

For example: 

  • Current Relationship Status 
  • Made dinner for two. Ate both
  • Notable Life Achievements
  • Can cook amazing instant noodles
  • Semi Professional bathroom singer 
  • Has never been in jail before (except when playing monopoly)                 


2. Check out other profiles 

Creating a perfect dating app profile for any online dating site, or a dating app isn’t just about what you write in. An ideal profile includes a properly captured picture with proper lighting, a precise bio and a hook (more on this later). If you struggle for inspiration, here are some expert-approved profiles that have garnered the most matches. 

3. Display your Skills

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Did you know? A profile photo demonstrating some skills, such as playing the guitar, skiing, or some sports – even if your face isn’t showing up gets more messages.

Image Credits: freepik

4. Optimism goes a long way 

However cliched it might sound, it’s essential to keep a positive attitude while talking about yourself. Your dating profile is substantially your Dating CV. So try to keep it as optimistic as possible because first impressions matter the most.

Image Credits: Zoosk

5. Show them the real you 

It’s been proven the more photos you have on your dating profile, the more attention you will get. Avoid putting group pictures and go for clear shots in which you are visible properly. Use recent pictures so there are no eye-openers when you meet in real life. 

Image Credits: Pinterest

6. Think out of box

There is no point listing out things like height, weight, hair colour etc in your dating app profile because it can make you look too unapproachable. Just mention what type of relationship you are looking for and if you have a set deal-breaker like ‘Must like cats’ just mention that. 

Image Credits: Zoosk

7. Have fun   

 Most people want someone who can make them laugh, so show them that you can make them laugh. If you can make someone happy it’s a great icebreaker and you don’t have to stress about the perfect way to start a conversation.

For example 


  • Am open to sharing my Netflix account
  • Can tie a cherry stalk into a knot with my tongue
  • Can eat 30 chicken nuggets in one sitting


  • Uses sarcasm as a defence mechanism
  • Nocturnal
  • Will eat 30 chicken nuggets in one sitting

8. Ask your friends for help

Get your friend to help you write your profile. They know you better than you know yourselves and they can be a great help.  

9. Smile Smile Smile

A recent study shows that 96% of people prefer seeing a big happy smile in a picture so SAY CHEESE!!

We understand that creating a good bio is not enough. Instead, the bigger problem is finding the right dating platform that is free from creepy encounters. Well! To make one such verified, best dating app in India needs a lot of backend working. 

With ‘LOVEBUZZ’  hassle-free Soulmate Search, you can find meaningful connections.

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Online Dating: Is Virtual Date Still a Date?

Let’s admit it!

We have all been there, grappling to find the right match and unable to make long interactive conversations. Nevertheless, singles are getting creative with newer ways to meet new people by replacing face-to-face first dates with Zoom, FaceTime, and phone calls. However, being ghosted on a virtual call can be despairing too. Also, while you are preparing for a virtual date, expect unfortunate events too.

With the lockdown forcing us to stay at home, Virtual dates have been a real saviour. And who says a Virtual date is not even a date? Surely someone who hasn’t tried it even once. Dating scenarios have become way easier and it is no less fun than going out and meeting someone. 

But nothing is worse than being stood up for a real date while awkwardly sitting in the cafe/ bar alone, checking and rechecking the conversation, date, time, and location.

Anyone who has experimented with online dating sites knows that there are advantages to the new way of doing things. You don’t have to worry about making reservations at a restaurant, no awkward “sorry, I hit traffic and can’t find parking” texts, and pyjama bottoms are perfectly acceptable attire (as long as you make some effort on your visible outfit … and don’t stand up!). But at the same time, it’s still a date —  along with all the effort that typically goes into one.

How does it help?

For those looking for a serious commitment, you can talk endlessly until you are convinced and no one is going to force you to meet. What’s more? You have a genuine justification for pushing the in-person date until you are prepared. Wouldn’t it lessen your stress of meeting the stranger time and again?

The App inspires you to find meaningful connections through 5 quick compatibility questions. This helps you find your right match while avoiding unnecessary stress. Are you still scared of conversing with a stranger? Lovebuzz, a well-planned Indian dating app is here to rescue you from a bad situation. Lovebuzz is the best dating app in India, which keeps your safety a priority.

Commitment in Virtual Dating sounds unreal?

Just because a date isn’t in-person doesn’t mean you shouldn’t uphold your commitment. Take your time to know the person better. Use the Lovebuzz exclusive feature of uploading the closest avatar as your profile picture to keep your identity confidential until you are satisfied. Enjoy a virtual date at the ease of home with chat and love songs. It is still a date!

Also, a no-show on your Zoom call or a last-minute cancellation will not be as awkward as the person not turning up on a literal date. 

What slumps a virtual date?

Expectations! How? Your date is likely setting hair or has an unannounced visitor in the room – be it a sibling. 

Setting up a Zoom meeting requires a few minutes of time, be it finding a quiet spot so your time won’t be interrupted by a roommate, family or pet. Even if it is a virtual date, it does not make your date available for a chat or call anytime. Everyone is very busy with their jobs, even if it is work from home. 

But that is one element that slumps your date. What about the nerves associated with a date! You may be calm and collected, but your partner might feel a knot in their stomach as your date time approaches. Those butterflies led by excitement might not exactly be a pleasant feeling. It might be a reason when someone decides to skip a call without warning or get late.

A simple text or message letting the person know that you might need time or something has come up would make things better. On the contrary, giving your partner the benefit of the doubt might resolve the unnecessary drama.

How to make a Virtual date feel like a date?

Virtual Era has driven various trends including streaming platforms like Netflix, amazon prime and kind. This gives you a topic to talk about and enjoy a virtual movie date with your partner. For times when the conversation is getting overboard or dead, this virtual movie date is a good plan to spend time together. 

You can also work out together, cook the same meal, play online games. Pandemics have given rise to various online activities that can be enjoyed with loved ones. Well! Virtual date is still a date if you don’t pre-assume it to be boring because it is much more fun and creates better compatibility.

Why Lovebuzz?

The online free dating app in India is designed considering the Indian crowd in mind. It focuses on keeping your identity confidential while not compromising on quality. Every profile is verified, thus eliminating fake profiles. So, you can enjoy dating, be it virtual or in-person.

Also, the best dating app for relationships rescues you from scanning through lakhs of profiles in order to find like-minded people. We can relate to the strain! Hence created a fuss-free compatibility test to help you find the one.

Talking of trending concerns where people are worried about the conversation being leaked? Well! We take an oath that your conversation is yours and we will not leak your identity or chats for even a zillion million dollars. 

So, HAPPY DATING with Lovebuzz!