10 Online Dating App Lingos You Must Know to Stand Out!

Dating in 2020-21 is complicated, thanks to the pandemic that restricted us to our homes for an all-encompassing timeframe. we’ve gone from IRL (in real life) to swiping right. From meeting people in crowded places to seeing them confined to a tiny screen. To make the matter more complicated, the dictionary of terms used to portray exactly what the dating status is has never been vaster. With an increase in free online dating sites the craze is real. Indian dating apps are growing in popularity too.

In this “sliding in the dms” generation of “ghosters” and “swipe righters”, you’re bound to get in the minefield of the ever-changing dating lexicons, but, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with ‘10 Dating Lingos You Must Know to Stand Out!’ Free Online dating app tips to keep you updated.

Don’t get played, get schooled instead!

1)          Waldo-ing

When you are browsing through the online dating app and see someone posting only group photos on their profile, turns out it is a pretty common factor and a lot of people are guilty of doing that. Well, in dating language this term is known as “Waldo-ing”. You know like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ you have to spot the one using the profile, if you’re lucky enough you get the right guess. If not then good luck detective.

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2)          Ghosting

Though “Ghosting” has been around for a while, it has recently picked its pace in the modern social media dating scenario. Ghosting happens when the individual you’re messaging, talking, or even dating, cuts off all correspondence with you abruptly and unexpectedly. They may not be busy, they may be ghosting you.

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3)          Zombie-ing

It is one step ahead of ghosting. When someone who has ghosted you tries to make contact after a long period of time, acting like nothing happened and then leaves you on the edge again. If that is the case, then my friend you’ve been zombied! With social media on the rise, they can lurk on your Instagram page, like your pictures, reply to your stories and then dip…again.

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4)          Cuffing season

Cuffing- season is the time where holiday spirits are high and the weather is cold. It is the time when you are ready to DTR (define the relationship) or be in a relationship. People are ready to be boo’d up (another dating term which means- to be in a relationship.) Blame it on the cold weather where you’re ready to snuggle/cuddle or the holiday spirit. Tis’ the (cuffing) season to be jolly!

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5)          Benching

Just like in sports, when extra players are left on reserves (on the bench), benching in dating lingo means exactly the same. When they don’t like you enough to date you, but don’t want you to move on either and keep you just around the corner. You may find yourself being “benched”. Feeling like a second- option when the person you’re talking to continues to look around. (Or vice versa) Don’t confuse it with “Cushioning”

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6)          Cushioning

Cushioning may sound similar to Benching, however, there is a catch. When you’re in a relationship or when you are seriously dating someone but you also have other “cushions”, people who you talk or flirt with and use them as a soft landing to protect you from the blow if your current relationship doesn’t last. Brutal.

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7)          Pocketing

When the person you’re dating avoids introducing you to their friends or family and doesn’t post you on social media platforms. It is also known as “stashing”.

You become their “secret”. If you’ve been dating for a long time and your partner is stashing, then you might want to have ‘the talk’. Dating tip -DTR I repeat DTR! (define the relationship)

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8)          Daterview

Darerview refers to a date which is more like an interview, and trust me no one likes being interviewed.  If your date is constantly asking you serious questions one after the other, like “how many kids do you want?” “Why did your last relationship end?”, you’re not on a cute date, you’re on a daterview.

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9)          Catfishing

Another term that was prevalent earlier but picked its pace since modern dating gained recognition. Catfishers create a false online profile/persona using fake pictures or other people’s pictures. They communicate only online and never in person to maintain their façade.

Catfishers may have malicious intent, and as per reports they target people, mostly women to assault them. Dating tip for women- Let your friends know your location or let them accompany you.

First dating tip- Always meet in crowded public places to ensure safety.

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10)   Kanye’d

Ever been on a date where the other person didn’t let you speak? They somehow managed to make everything about them? Turns out you’ve been “Kanye’d”

The one-sided, narcissistic conversation flouting dating etiquette? Yup kanye’d .

Dating tip for people- Conversation is a two-way process, you’ll get your turn. In order to know them better, you need to let the other person speak.

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Bonus lingo- Since these lingos are evolving, let’s make our own lingo.

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